Zine 2: Jacket Archives 01

We’re excited to share our second digital zine, Jacket Archives. Check it out here!

Issue 1 of Jacket Archives is an orchestra of individual works from our staff, with each staff member’s section exploring themes of identity, self, passion, and what it means to be an artist. An assemblage of passion projects, this zine offers a taste of what’s to come in our upcoming 52nd issue.

Special thanks to this zine’s contributors: Angela Dai, Jack Rarer, Chloe Morris, Shreya Kumar, Jourdan Holmes, Anthony Peterson, Angela Huynh, Aparna Arul, Jimmy Liu, Jasmine Hsu,

Check Out Our Past Editions!

We’re working around the clock collecting submissions, mapping production and planning out our next edition to make our 52nd edition a well orchestrated culmination of our students’ creativity. In the meantime, check out some of our previous works.

To view, hover over the Previous Editions banner above.

Submit to the 2021-22 Edition of Erato!

Erato has opened submissions for its 52nd issue. This year’s focus is on the theme of ‘Coming Home’. This past year has certainly been an unorthodox one. We were stripped of our familiarities, stuck in a seemingly endless limbo and are finally reemerging into some normalcy, and we encourage any submissions that touch on these themes; however, all entries are welcomed.

To submit, follow the link here. You are free to submit any number of works, but we ask that you submit one form per submission.

Submissions will be open until November 1st at midnight.

Zine 1: The Desktop Issue

Erato is excited to share our first online-exclusive zine! The Desktop Issue focuses on a student’s desk as a microcosm of identity:

The limited horizontal real estate in a student’s room results in a student’s desk being in constant flux. Papers are written on and put away, drawings made and scrapped, laptops opened and closed, candy wrappers set aside to be discarded later. Some might keep their desk simple and organized, while others might have a system that works only inside their mind. On each desk is a student’s identity, spread across the tabletop. A desk is also a reflection of current experiences, littered with objects indicating beginnings and endings, a surface of subtle intimacies ripe for examination.

Click here to read The Desktop Issue. While reading, you can also listen to our Spotify playlist curated for this edition!

Along with the zine, we are releasing the Adobe Illustrator file used to create the front and back cover elements, which includes a wood texture, sticky notes, a phone, an open book, lined paper, notebooks, highlighters, an eraser, a pencil, and a pen! EratoZine1-DeskElements.ai is licensed by Erato under CC BY-NC.

Special thanks to The Desktop Issue’s contributors: A. Thomas, John Jajeh.

Submit to the 2018-19 Edition of Erato!

Interested in submitting your work to be considered in this edition of Erato? Fill out and upload your work to the Google form below. Use one form per submission; you may submit multiple times.


Please title your submissions file with your name and title of work as:
NAME_TITLE.file, Ex: “GeorgePBurdell_BuzzBuzz.jpg” so we can keep track of your work!

Submissions are due by Wednesday, October 31, 2018!

First Staff Meeting of Fall 2017

Our first staff meeting for this fall semester will be this upcoming Monday (Aug. 28) in the student publications office at 6:30pm.

To find our office, enter on the main floor of the Smithgall Student Services Building (“Flag Building”) across from the Student Center, and head down the hall besides the vending machines. Take a right at the end of the hallway.

During this meeting we will give background on what Erato does as a student organization as well as a student publication. There are many ways people can get involved and everyone has a unique skill set to offer! We look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new interested students next week!!!

Pom-Pom Workshop

We held this event in April 2017 and forgot to share it here.

During this workshop, an Erato staff member taught those who attended how to make cute, colorful pom-poms out of yarn. Students who came had a good time de-stressing before finals by jamming to an ’80s music playlist and getting crafty. We hope to hold more craft workshops in the future! If you have ideas for something you might enjoy email us at eratojournal@gmail.com.


Showcase Party in March

Please come to our Publication Showcase! This is an event to celebrate the 2016 edition. We will be giving out free copies of Erato and there will be free food. Join us to see the artwork of Tech students, have fun, and learn more about how you can get involved with Erato. We hope to see you there!