Zine 1: The Desktop Issue

Erato is excited to share our first online-exclusive zine! The Desktop Issue focuses on a student’s desk as a microcosm of identity:

The limited horizontal real estate in a student’s room results in a student’s desk being in constant flux. Papers are written on and put away, drawings made and scrapped, laptops opened and closed, candy wrappers set aside to be discarded later. Some might keep their desk simple and organized, while others might have a system that works only inside their mind. On each desk is a student’s identity, spread across the tabletop. A desk is also a reflection of current experiences, littered with objects indicating beginnings and endings, a surface of subtle intimacies ripe for examination.

Click here to read The Desktop Issue. While reading, you can also listen to our Spotify playlist curated for this edition!

Along with the zine, we are releasing the Adobe Illustrator file used to create the front and back cover elements, which includes a wood texture, sticky notes, a phone, an open book, lined paper, notebooks, highlighters, an eraser, a pencil, and a pen! EratoZine1-DeskElements.ai is licensed by Erato under CC BY-NC.

Special thanks to The Desktop Issue’s contributors: A. Thomas, John Jajeh.

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