Erato is Georgia Tech’s journal of arts and literature. We publish creative writing and various kinds of artwork submitted by students and faculty.

Along with our annual printed magazine, we now publish short, themed digital zines. Throughout the year, Erato sponsors open-mic events, art galleries, and art workshops. We also feature campus artists and writers on our social media and at events.

The Erato staff is responsible for reviewing submissions, designing magazine layouts, and organizing events to promote art and writing on campus. Any member of the Tech community is welcomed to join the staff.

Interested in joining Erato?

Erato always welcomes new staff members at any time, regardless of experience. Contact us at eratojournal@gmail.com for access to the staff Microsoft Team and GroupMe.

Fall 2020 meetings are held virtually over Teams. Staff members attend weekly meetings on Thursdays at 2pm or 7pm. We work with anyone who cannot attend these meetings or who does not have access to Adobe software in order to ensure their ability to participate.

Meet the staff!